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Playcare Staff

Licensed by the State of Connecticut, we follow State regulations but go above and beyond what is standard. We are CPR/First Aid Certified; I am EPI Pen/MAT trained, hold a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) and attend Child Development courses regularly.

Our Approach

I want my home to be a happy place for your child to come and spend the day. My first priority is keeping them safe and well cared for; when the day allows teachable moments, I will take every opportunity to help them grow not only physically and cognitively but also socially and emotionally.

Education Program

Every month we have a theme, a color, a number and a shape. Using age appropriate activities, they will be exposed to information needed for preschool and kindergarten readiness; allowing for developmental growth and expanding their confidence, social skills and independence.

Daily Routine

Our daily schedule manages a balance of tending to basic needs, play and exploration. We make time to keep bodies healthy, clean and rested while enjoying our day learning. Please call or email for more information about our daily routine.

Our Elements of Education

Building on Curiosities
Building on Curiosities
  • We Communicate

    We foster a love of language, reading and communicating using books and songs to engage and encourage participation from every child.

  • We Solve

    We foster problem solving skills by introducing shapes, patterns, counting and sorting.

  • We Create

    We foster artistic expression through crafts, music, dance and pretend play; allowing for every child to express or discover their talents.

  • We Explore

    We foster an appreciation of science using everything around us to encourage exploration, curiosity and experimenting.

  • Our Healthy Bodies

    We encourage healthy eating habits and physical activity as we lead by example, offering nutritious snack and meal options and gross motor skill activities.

  • Our Big World

    We recognize the diverse culture of all the families we serve and encourage every family to introduce their traditions and background. We teach tolerance and acceptance of the diverse world around us, respecting people and our environment.

Mission Statement:

Little Peeps playcare

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment to all children in our care. We will strive to be an extension of support to each family to achieve affordable and high quality care in a home setting. Our efforts will provide each child with the tools needed to develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical development in a loving environment encouraging each child to develop at their own pace through play and exploration.

We personalize our attention based on your child’s specific needs, requirements, schedule and feeding.

Our Programs

Our best services for your kids
Our best services for your kids
Ages 2-4 years old A balanced day of games, songs, activities and reading alongside with tending to basic needs.  
4 - 23 Months A balanced day of love, tending to basic needs and incorporating developmentally appropriate activities.
No payment required for school vacations/holidays/snow days, please call or email for details. 
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"There is, in fact, no teaching without learning. One requires the other"

Paulo Freire


What parents say about us
What parents say about us
Caroline Chute
Caroline Chute
I have been sending my son to Little Peeps since he was a little baby and I have always felt he is in the best care. Reina is very organized and does little projects with the kids. She is so good about keeping you updated on daily events and how the day went. She really cares for each child and is always striving to make the day care the best it can be. I recommend it to everyone I know! There is no better feeling then dropping your kid off somewhere that you can really trust.
Lindsey Giarrtano
Lindsey Giarrtano
My son was fortunate enough to have spent the past year at Little Peeps Daycare. As all mothers experience, it is extremely difficult to leave your child with another person when you return to work. From my first meeting with Reina, however, I felt this incredible sense of comfort and confidence that he was going to be in the best possible care. Reina has loved my son as if he was her own and has provided a positive, safe learning environment for him. You can tell by the smile on his face when I drop him off and pick him up, just how happy he is in her care.


Little Peeps Playcare

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